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The Importance of High-Quality Materials for String Art

For those with experience crafting hand-made designs, you know how important it is to pay attention to every detail. Every step of the process must be approached with gentle hands and a sharp mind to ensure the desired result. The same goes for string art. Through this unique art form, you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life.

Like with any other craft, you want to make sure that your finished design is an accurate representation of how you originally pictured it. The best way to do so is to use materials that can make your string art design stand out from the rest! Anyone can grab push pins and wrap floss around them, but the use of high-quality materials for string art is beneficial for more reasons than one.


When you purchase your own materials, it may not be clear how long your artwork will last after it's finished. The longevity of your artwork is most important if you chose to use your piece as  a form ofDIY home decor. This is why our kits come with high-quality materials to make more appealing and longer-lasting art that you can appreciate for years!

No Wasted Time

Who has time for strings popping, paper ripping, and nails bending? Not you! That is what you can expect from using low-quality materials for your string art project. String popping is probably one of the most inconvenient occurrences. Imagine you have completed the majority of your project and the string pops at the end. All of your precious time is officially wasted, and you’d probably rather take a break than start over.

Bent nails are also a big issue. Weak nails can bend under the pressure of a hammer and leave scratches and holes on your surface. This doesn’t only waste time but can also end up costing you more than necessary. Professional string art kits help you avoid these issues!

Friends Will Appreciate It

If you plan on gifting your string art, keep in mind that no one wants to receive a cheap, low quality gift. It tells the recipient that you couldn’t care less and are gifting them this item just to say you did. That is what you’re doing when you use anything but the best materials for your string art creation. Go the extra mile to source and use high-quality materials that are a good representation of you, your friends will appreciate it.

String of the Art takes the hassle out of sourcing high-quality materials by providing you with all you need to create a grand design. Your kit comes equipped with a hand-sanded wood board, strong nails, high-quality embroidery floss, and all other necessary materials for your string art masterpiece. Browse all of our string art designs andplace your order today!