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String Art Installations Around the World

String art has been around for decades and continues to inspire creators of all sorts today. Though traditional string art involved a wooden board, nails, and string, various interpretations around the world display string art on an unprecedented scale. Rather than filling a 16” by 12” plank, some designs fill entire rooms in museums. Here are a few of the most notable string art installations around the world.

“Graced With Light” By Anne Patterson

Consisting of roughly 1,100 strands of thread,  “Graced With Light” hangs from the high ceilings of a San Francisco church. The lively colors used in this creation mirror the likes of stained glass, making a church its ideal environment. Anne Patterson envisions her creation as “a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons.”

“Plexus No. 19 & 12″ By Gabriel Dawe

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexican artist who created a series of string art installations named“Plexus.” Each site-specific creation employs bright gradients to create grand sculptures. As a formally trained graphic designer, Dawe displays the power of color and space by using classical architecture across the globe to house his intricate creations. These two, in particular, are in Como, Italy.

“Moving Meshes” By Maria Blaisse

Unlike the others mentioned,“Moving Meshes” utilizes flexible bamboo in place of string to make this impressive creation. Dutch designer Maria Blaisse intersects art, design, and movement with these imaginative sculptures. Five delicate bamboo structures appropriately occupy the open space of Boisbuchet’s castle, with each room featuring a different piece.

“Liberty and Anarchy” By Nike Savvas

Nike Savvas is an Australian artist who recently premiered“Liberty and Anarchy” at Leeds Art gallery in the United Kingdom. The collection displays brightly colored geometric shapes on a grand scale. With each piece being the tangible result of a specific mathematical formula, Savvas takes string art back to its mathematical roots.

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