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About Us

Who Am I?

lawrenceI did not set out to be an artist, but life has a way of leading you to your path.

I always portrayed an uncanny attention to detail. At a young age I drew sophisticated designs, created complicated diagrams, and intricate Lego projects that amazed my teachers and parents. I was also proficient at painting abstract watercolor landscapes of Florida fauna and animals. The designs and crafts all flourished in between my educational pursuits.

My dream was to be a lawyer, I achieved a juris doctorate degree, and then spent months, years, studying for the grueling bar exam. Due to my dyslexia I had a momentous hurdle to overcome in passing the exam. But I never gave up. Between exams I turned to art to express my love of form, logic and design, and I kept perfecting and polishing those ideas. The bar exam, which in most cases leads to the practice of law, instead has led me to foster my creative talents, and create my company, String of the Art.

I started with detailed glass mosaics on guitars and furniture, wall displays and then large glass mosaic maps of the US. I then began creating with string, embroidery floss, nails and wood, and the company String of the Art was born. In only one month of selling my product on the website, String of The Art was recognized in a Buzzfeed article as the #1 do-it-yourself art kit for the holidays in December 2015. My Etsy sales exploded and I’ve had many happy satisfied customers ever since.

Each string art design is inspired by the simple things in life, small pleasures, such as, nature, wine, coffee and even my one year old yellow Labrador, Summer. I choose sophisticated hues of embroidery floss, metallic wire nails and stained woods to enhance the details of each piece. My string art kits are unique, made for anyone to complete, from beginners to advanced crafters. I am happy to share the fun and creativity of string art.