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About Us


I did not set out to be an artist, but life has a way of leading you to your path. 

I always portrayed an uncanny attention to detail. At a young age I discovered that I had a strong passion for creativity.  Lego building, drawing, painting and textile design were my go-to activity after school. As a teen and then a young adult I would spend entire weekends building miniature Lego cities and sketching geometric art.   

While in college I decided that becoming an attorney would be my path. I went to law school, earned a Juris Doctorate degree, and then spent several years studying for the grueling Bar Exam. Due to my dyslexia I had a momentous hurdle to overcome in passing the exam. But I never gave up. Between exams I turned to art to express my love of form, logic and design, and I kept perfecting and polishing those ideas. The bar exam, which in most cases leads to the practice of law, instead led me to foster my creative talents and start my business String of the Art.

While studying for multiple bar exams I started working with stained glass to create mosaic art pieces.  After posting many of my pieces on social media I was introduced to string art.  I was immediately drawn to the geometric patterns, textures, and the uniqueness of the art form.  So I decided to change my path, head away from the law and instead teach people about string art.  This is when String of the Art was founded.

String of the Art’s do-it-yourself string art kits became a hit success right away!  The kits have been featured in publications such as Country Living Magazine, BuzzFeed, and Etsy’s Editor List.  Photographs of the string art designs have gone viral on social platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy.

Over the past three years, I have connected with wonderful people along the string art path.  What makes me proudest is hearing from all the happy and satisfied customers that have made beautiful string art for their home or loved ones.

My primary mission with String of the Art is to educate everyone about the art of string art and the joy of creating it.  I hope to also encourage all of my customers to discover and develop their own unique artistic crafting skills.  No matter if you are a pro crafter or this is your first piece, remember -- you may not have set out to be a string artist, but life has a way of leading you to your path.


Say hi to Summer, my yellow lab puppy and string art companion.  Feel free to send us a picture of your pet accompanying you while you craft your string art and we may feature you in our social media.