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Wine String Art Kit

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String of the Art's Story

I did not set out to be an artist, but life has a way of leading you to your path.

At a young age I discovered that I had a strong passion for creativity. Many years later I put my passion aside and took a path to becoming an attorney. Due to my dyslexia I struggled for three years in the pursuit to pass the Bar Exam. In between studying for each exam, I turned back to art. The bar exam, which in most cases leads to the practice of law, instead led me to foster my creative talents and start my small business String of the Art.

The do-it yourself string art kits took off right away! My photographs on Pinterest went VIRAL. Since then the kits have been featured in publications such as Country Living Magazine, BuzzFeed, and Etsy. Over the past two years I have connected with wonderful people along the string art path. But the best feeling as an artist and business owner that I have experienced is hearing from all the happy satisfied customers making beautiful string art for their home or loved ones.

My primary mission with String of the Art is to educate everyone about string art. Secondarily, I hope to educate everyone about discovering and developing their own unique artistic crafting skills.

I know that you may have not heard of string art nor have you ever created any string art designs. Nonetheless, by giving string art a try you may discover that you have untapped artistic and crafting abilities. Because, afterall, you may not have set out to be a string artists, but life has a way of leading you to your path.

One-of-a-Kind Home Decor

• Unique and beautiful art that you crafted yourself to display in your home.
• Great new gift idea for those crafters in your life.
• Quick and easy project that you can start and finish within hours. And it’s ready to display the same day. Everything you need is included.
• Our customers deserve top quality. So we proudly provide the finest and most fashionable designs, woods, threads, and hardware.
• We love to hear from our customers! Contact us with any concerns or just to tell us your experience with your string art kit.


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