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String Art for Home Decor

String art is an age old art form that utilizes the most rudimentary of materials to create an impressive piece of art. For decades, string art was only pursued by professional artists with a keen eye for masterful creations. People saw their artful designs as abstract, yet beautiful projects that displayed the intricate nature of string art. Over the years, string art has become more popular than many would have imagined. People everywhere are now constructing their own string art creations, and using them asDIY home decor.

Home decor is any piece of furniture or decoration used to beautify a room. Traditional home decor has long consisted of grand pieces of furniture accented by decorative objects like indoor plants, fixtures, paintings, and other such wall art. Such decorating schemes exist in the vast majority of American homes. We believe that it’s time to add a creative piece of art to the mix.

Unique Wall Decorations

String art is a DIY fanatic’s dream come true. The creator has complete control of her design and the freedom to add a personal creative touch throughout the process. The result is a piece of art that tells a story of its own. It is only right that DIY creators advertise their finished design the same way renowned painters and crafters long have -- through public display.

The timeless sanded wood design is used in everything from flooring to countertop surfaces. The natural wood plank surface of a string art design can flow perfectly with other pieces of furniture in a room. A well-crafted string art creation can also serve as a talking point for creators and their guests. Viewers will be intrigued with the sophisticated design and want to know how they can create one of their own.

How to Get Started

String of the Art has brought this immaculate art form to the masses through individual string art kits. These kits come fully equipped with everything you need to create your string art masterpiece. Create a unique picture frame for your home or a decorative piece of art for a friend; the choice is entirely yours!Order your string art kit today and discover how a DIY string art project can add to your home decor!