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How It Works

Putting together your first String of the Art masterpiece can be intimidating at first, but it's as simple as putting together a puzzle. There is a bit of hammering involved, so adult supervision is recommended. Beginning to completion is just three easy steps: Hammer, string, and hang. That's it!


We know what crosses your mind when you hear hammering... "I've never hammered a nail in my life" and "What if I hammer my finger into the wood?" We here at String of the Art want you to have all ten of your fingers. Therefore your kit comes with very soft wood. That way you can lightly tap your hammer on the nail and it will glide into it smoothly.


"Phew I finished hammering and I still have all my fingers. Now I know I'll tangle up all this string." Wrong again! Your String of the Art kit comes with individually packed string that allow you to easily handle your embroidery floss without ever getting it tangled. Slip the string on your wrist and start getting crafty. Our instructions are very easy to follow, because every single kit is designed with beginners in mind. We know string art is a trendy new craft!


And then just hang it up the same way you would any other work of art! Send us a selfie of you with your string art on your wall. Say cheese!