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4 Best Places to Work on Your String Art

String art is unique in many ways. One of which being that you can take it with you just about anywhere! Similar to knitting or reading a book, string art is a hobby that calms the mind while being completely portable. We understand that as soon as you receive your string art kit that you’ll want to get right to it, but hold on just a second. There are a few places to do your string art that you have yet to discover.

The Park

The park is one of those universal places where you can find kids playing, adults exercising, and people just taking in the fresh air. When the weather is right, there are few better places to be than outdoors. Enjoy this multifunctional venue, even more, when you bring along yourstring art kit. Find a spot underneath the tree or at a picnic table and start crafting!

By the Water

Whether it’s your backyard pool, a peaceful lake, or even at the beach, performing any activity by the water makes it all the more enjoyable. Just being near open bodies of water can calm even the most stressed individual. Add to this effort by bringing your DIY string art kit along with you the next time you consider going by the water. Weave floss as you hear waves crash, or ducks quack. Allow the environment to inspire you to create your best string art design yet.

At a Friend’s House

String art does not have to be a solo activity. Introduce your friends to the art form that is known for inspiring, relaxing, and teaching with string art. Gather a group of friends, and you all can meet up at someone else’s house every week, or you and your best friend can exclusively share this rewarding hobby. No matter how you choose to go about it, sharing yournew favorite hobby with friends can be beneficial for you all.

On the Porch

Are you looking for a reason to go outside? How about stepping out to do your string art? With so much freedom at our fingertips through the use of cell phones and computers, there isn’t much of a reason for people to leave the comfort of their home if they choose not to. Well, string art is the perfect excuse to just sit outside for a while. Even if you don’t have a porch, the patio, doorstep, or even the bench outside of the apartment building are all ideal places to majestically weave your embroidery floss outdoors.

Find the place that most interests you or visit them all! You’ll quickly fall in love with this DIY hobby that only requires an open mind and inspired hands. String of the Art offersmini string art kits that are just about the size of a sheet of paper, making it easily portable and hassle-free. Browse our string art kits and place your order today!