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5 Creative Hobbies to Pass the Time

If you ask many people what they do to pass the time, you can expect to hear “play on my phone” or “watch TV.” Although these are activities that everyday people typically engage in, they shouldn’t be the only options. There are many creative outlets out there to partake in that can teach you a new skill or tap into a hidden passion, but the only way to discover that is to try something new.Get your creative juices flowing with these five hobbies to pass the time.

Creative Writing

Journaling, writing in a diary, or just jotting down whatever comes to mind are all forms of creative writing. Unlike anything else you may have written, this does not need to be turned in for a grade, submitted for approval, or seen by anyone else if you don’t want it to. The point of creative writing is to simply express yourself through your words and the stories you tell.


Arts and crafts were so much fun as kids because it was one of the few classes where you were able to express yourself freely through artistic mediums. Painting gives you the opportunity to bring thoughts and ideas to life through the depiction of colored images. From abstract to realism, choose your art style and go for it.

Playing Music

Music is one of the many art forms that can impact you emotionally. Through instruments and lyrics, artists can transmit whatever message they feel necessary. By creating and playing your own music, you too can share your messages with others who may need to hear it or keep it exclusively to yourself.What you do with your art is completely up to you.


Upcycling is not riding a bike standing up. It is a type of recycling in which you use discarded materials to create something new and exciting. A good example of this is taking old light bulbs and turning them into miniature vases or transforming wooden crates into a side table. Upcycling is a good way to show your love for the environment and tap into your creative side.

String Art

For a hobby like no other, consider string art. Through the weaving of embroidery floss between hammered nails, you can create masterpieces. Share them as a gift or hang them in your home. No matter what you choose to do with the finished product, you’ll quickly find out how addicting this engaging hobby can be.

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