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3 Most Popular String Art Designs

Are you thinking of giving string art a try but don’t know where to start? We don’t blame you. There is an endless number of inspiring string art designs, and it could be difficult to settle on which one is best for you. String of the Art is here to help you get your feet wet in string art by providing the three most popular string art designs. Pick yours and start crafting!


String art creations serve many different purposes, but they people often use them as gifts for loved ones. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why hearts are one of the most commonly created string art patterns. While the ideas may be similar, the execution of each string art project has its own style.

The traditional heart is a simple pattern filled in using red embroidery floss and doesn’t have much detail to it. Another version of the heart is one that uses the negative space left by filling in the area around the image. These two are just a few of the many types of string art hearts out there. Take a look at one of our most popularheart designs.


Another one of the uses of string art is for home decor. Many creators find themselves putting together string art projects that serve as labels for rooms in the home or just as a stylistic way to spell out their name. It’s easy to see why words are one of the most popular string art designs as it can be challenging to find creative inspiration when attacking a string art project.

To many people, making an intrinsic design seems too tricky, so they choose touse words instead to test out their string art abilities. This may be a fitting place to start for some, but many people simply enjoy creating words out of high-quality, multi-colored floss.


What’s better than picking flowers fresh from the garden? Making a string art version of your favorite plant of course! Plants are relaxing and provide many therapeutic benefits, which is why many people take up gardening. Not only that, they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing sights one can encounter. Whether it is the famedsunflower or impressiveoak tree, plants come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and we love bringing them to life with string art!

Tap into your creative side and try a string art kit from String of the Art. We take the hassle out of string art by providing you with all you need to complete your string art masterpiece in one sitting. Do you want to set yours apart from the rest? You have the option to swap out string colors at your will, just leave us a quick note when checking out, and we’ll get right on it. Browse ourstring art kits and place your order today!