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3 Reasons to Post Your String Art Design

Social media posting has become a way of life. We are all interconnected by this mysterious medium known as the world wide web that allows us to snap, post, chat, and share instantly. Serving as an open diary to some and a promotional platform for others, you can find just about anything on social media. Rather than posting another duck face selfie, snap a pic of your lateststring art creation. Your followers will thank you.

Share Your Excitement

Although it only consists of four basic materials -- nails, string, a wooden board, and a hammer -- string art is a very intricate art form. You may have noticed this once you opened your string art kit and realized its detailed nature.

It may have seemed like a long shot upon your initial impression, but you’ve completed your very own string art project! You shouldn’t be the only person who gets to witness the final product of your hard work. Find the best lighting and post a picture of your string art masterpiece for the world to see.

Inspire Others

As catchy as those inspirational quotes are, there are many other ways to inspire the masses. When you post a picture of your string art design, you don’t only get to share your excitement with others, but you have the opportunity to inspire them as well. How many times have you heard a friend or family member say they were going to start a project or try something new, but never seem to get around to it?

When people see social media post of other people’s accomplishments, they become inspired to do things themselves. You may see it as posting a simple picture, but it may serve as a well-crafted reminder to others to get started on thatDIY project they’ve been talking about.

Recruit Friends

There is a vast number of people out there who are in constant search of creative outlets to delve into. Even if your friends are not that type, it’s difficult to say no to an opportunity to take a stab at an art form like no other. What may have started off as a fun solo project can quickly transform into fun weekends spent with friends doing string art. For those who choose to get string art as a gift rather than for personal enjoyment, you can always say that you helped inspire the recipient of such a unique gift to pursue a creative artform.

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