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Most Common String Art Hurdles

Completing a string art project can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, as your reward is a beautiful creation that you can claim as your own. While boasting about your string art design is easy, many people find it difficult to get started. Simply thinking about all that is needed to start a project can be discouraging to someone interested in string art. Let's explore some of the most common string art hurdles and how to overcome them.

Sourcing Materials

When people view a string art design, they only see the completed project. Rarely do they realize all of the materials needed. A string art project consists of a wooden surface, string, nails, and a hammer. You may find a neighborhood arts and crafts store that has everything you need, but it is not guaranteed to be the best quality. Cheap string can pop when you are weaving it between nails and ruin your design!

String of the Art rids you of this problem by packing all materials needed for your DIY project in a handy kit that we deliver to your door. We provide you with a hand sanded and stained chestnut wood board and high-quality embroidery floss in excess for each of our string art kits.

How to Do It

You may have leaped the first hurdle, but the next step is to put all of your materials to use. It’s easy to assume that you canquickly complete a string art project, but when you finally pursue a project of your own, you may have more questions than answers. "What string art design should I do? How do I weave string for string art?"

Don’t fret! Completing a string art project from scratch is no simple feat. That is why String of the Art takes the stress out of string art for newcomers. Along with the necessary materials, String of the Art kits include step-by-step instructions and a pattern for your particular design.

Finding the Time

The entire process of completing a string art project from start to finish can be time-consuming. You must decide on a design, source the materials, and put it all together. This is likely the reason behind the numerous incomplete string art projects out there. Allow String of the Art to streamline the process for you!

Browse our many string art designs and select the one that most catches your eye. Your DIY string art kit will ship out two short days after you place your order. When the package arrives, simply open the kit and get started! You will quickly realize that string art is an art form that both skilled crafters and newbies can enjoy. What are you waiting for?Find the string art design best for you and place your order today!