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3 String Art Safety Tips

One of the most popular and easily accessibleDIY projects is string art. String art can be loads of fun, but it is most important that you put safety first. Crafting a creation requires the use of potentially hazardous materials, which is why we urge you to take all of the necessary precautions. Follow these three string art safety tips for a safe and exciting string art project.

Use Sanded Wood

Although it may seem as if the wood used for string art is cut directly from the tree bark, the majority of it isn’t. The high-quality wood you see used to make stunning pieces has usually undergone a handling process before being stained and distributed. The purpose of sanding wood is to remove the dips, grooves, and other flaws that can be unsafe for users. Be sure to use high quality, sanded wood to avoid splinters and nailing on an uneven surface.

Hammer With Caution

You should alwaysuse hammers with caution. It is all too easy to become distracted and accidentally miss the nail, possibly injuring yourself. To avoid such an instance from occurring, take your time and pay close attention to the task at hand.

There are also many creative outlets for adults that promote the consumption of alcohol when making art. “Paint n’ Sip” events are a prime example and have become very popular. We urge that you do not consume alcohol while hammering nails for your safety.

Keep Materials Away from Children

If you plan on doing string art with children around, make sure to keep all materials out of their reach. The sharp nails are shiny, small, and can easily end up in the hands of a child if not properly monitored. We suggest you keep your materials on a high surface and inside of the box until you are ready to use them. String art is a kid-friendly activity, but only responsible adults should hammer nails. With your guidance, your kids can enjoy weaving the embroidered floss around the outlined pattern.

Allow these safety tips to guide you as you complete your masterful string art creation. String of the Art handles one major safety precaution for you by providing hand sanded and hand stained wood boards in every string art kit. Our kits also come equipped with step-by-step instructions, a pattern template, and all the materials you’ll need for a joyful day of string art. Browse our designs andorder your string art kit today!