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Top 3 Examples of Negative Space for String Art

Designs that implement the use of negative space can be found in the most basic to abstract artworks. Negative space is the area around an object that defines it. When the average person draws an image, they are likely to pay attention to the positive space exclusively. The result of which is objects, shapes, and images being filled in to complete the picture while the space around it is left blank. Negative space design does just the opposite.

Rather than just filling in a shape with the desired color, negative space designs will focus on the area around the subject. Using the outline of the image as a border, the artist fills in the space surrounding the subject. The interior of the subject is left blank as the surface tells the story of the image. This art method is very efficient when completed correctly. Here are a few examples of negative space in string art.

Oak Tree

Oak Tree is an excellent example of negative space art. While traditional designs would have the tree filled in with brown floss for the roots and green floss for the leaves, this design takes advantage of the wood board design. Without hesitation, a viewer can identify the tree as the focus of the pattern while the floss is used to decoratively fill in the rest of the design.

Puppy Love

While the majority of this design utilizes positive space, the word “love” in thePuppy Love design allows for negative space art to sneak its way into this creation. The cursive letters flow from one end of the image to the next as a heart is embedded into the “o” to make for a wonderfully crafted design.

Stretching Cat

This creation is a testament to the efficiency of negative space in string art. Much likeOak Tree,Stretching Cat utilizes negative space on a grand scale. Although the creation only consists of one color floss, there are few designs more visually pleasing than this one. Everything from the curve of the tail to the ridge of the nose is perfectly accentuated by the use of negative space.

Negative space can be utilized for various purposes and have the greatest results when properly executed. Create your negative space masterpiece with a String of the Art string art kit! The kit comes completely packed with everything you need from the wooden plank to every nail required to complete your creation.Browse our string art kits and place your order today!