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Palm Leaf Floater Frame Punch Needle Kit

Punch your heart out with String of the Art's punch needle kits!

This Palm Leaf Punch Needle Kit is designed by String of the Art's artist and founder Lawrence Ross.

Instantly hang your punch needle masterpiece with the kit's included FLOATER FRAME! It is the only punch needle kit on the internet with a custom floater frame that will fit the monks cloth canvas perfectly inside. The floater frame is made entirely of beech wood and it is stained and sealed.

Are you a brand new puncher? Don't worry about getting tangled up in yarn. Lawrence recorded 5 instructional videos to help you from start to finish. Also, let the kit's detailed instruction booklet tie up any loose ends.

What's included in the Flower Punch Needle Kit?
- 11 inch by 11 inch stained and sealed beech wood Floater Frame
- Monks cloth canvas
- Pattern template
- Highest quality 100% Wool Yarn
- Instructions for first time punchers
- 5 instructional videos
- Sawtooth hanging hook
- Punch needle tool
- Black Marker