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The Origins of String Art

String art is weaving colored string, wool, wire, or yarn between hammered nails to make geometric patterns. Artists use lines of thread to create curved patterns that can form various desirable shapes. This organic idea to use thread and nails to form angles has grown from an educational tool to an art form like no other.

Artists from around the world continue to make their name through being able to execute string art uniquely. Their creations attract a global audience with an appreciation for intricate design. The best way to know where string art will go in the future is to understand what gave birth to this innovative visual art.

Brief History of String Art

The first person known for forming curves out of straight lines is Mary Everest Boole. The Englishwoman used what is known as curve stitching to help teach children mathematics. She would go on to publish a book in 1909 titledPhilosophy & Fun of Algebra. The curves Mary Everest Boole used in her teaching methods became known as theBèzier curve.

Inspired by an algorithm created by French mathematician Paul de Castejau, Pierre Bézier -- a fellow French mathematician -- developed a curve formula to help solve a practical issue. At the time, Bèzier was working at a car company and was in need of an accurate way to describe a curve that worked for both manufacture and design. The result was the Bèzier curve, which can describe any second degree curve with only four points. The curve was publicized in 1962 and is credited with inspiring numerous artists although its intentions were strictly mathematical.

String Art in America

One of those inspired artists is American artist John Eichinger. He specialized in creating geometric designs which he referred to as “string mandalas.”  A popular hobby kit distributor at the time, Open Door Enterprises, first marketed his string art kits in the late 1960s. This is noted as one of the first times everyday people took interest in string art. It became widely popular in the 1970s with an uncountable amount of U.S. homes boasting home-made string art on their walls.

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