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How do you come up with great String Art ideas and patterns?

I get asked this all the time...

How do I decide on a String Art pattern?

String art is unique for many reasons. But one of the main reasons is depth. This is something I think about before I start creating a design.

How will this look with depth?

That is a big factor of my designs, adding depth where in other cases, the work would look flat.

Take the wine kit for example.

What sets it apart from other string art patterns you may find, is the depth I've added to the wine in the glass. This technique gives the wine in the glass the illusion of movement when you walk past it.

Another example of depth, by use of whats called negative space, is the Inverted Red Heart Love String Art Kit.

In this kit, you'll notice that the design is both where the string is, and where the string isn't. I use the negative space to form a heart.

Beginners should use fewer colors

This is because when buying supplies to make your own string art, you will have to buy spools of thread. If you add too many colors, you will be forced to buy an excessive amount of thread that you may not ever use.

So to recap, when creating your own string art patters, be sure to follow these three guidelines:

  1. Imagine how to add depth to your art, making your string art unique.
  2. Use of negative space. The board you choose to create your art on is beautiful too! Don't be afraid to utilize it in your design.
  3. If you are just starting out, avoid using too many colors or your art might become expensive to make or too complicated.

What are some design ideas that you think meet these three rules?