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Rainbow Mini String of the Art Kit

String of the Art

When the rain stops and the clouds part there’s always a rainbow on the other side.  Are you longing for that rainbow?  Searching for fun new crafts?  Well why not combine the rainbow and the craft by stringing up this rainbow and cloud design?  It’s fun and flows and will put a smile on your face.

This is a mini string art kit, unlike the traditional string art kits.

Your kit comes with one 5” by 5” square corkboard, quality embroidery floss, wire nails, a pattern template and easy to follow instructions.

All mini-string art kits include everything you will need to complete each design.  There’s no hammering, no guessing where the nails should be placed and no need to measure string.  All of our string art kits are “crafter friendly” and our new mini-kits are even friendlier, as they are designed for beginners and seasoned crafters as well.  There’s no doubt that after you’ve strung up your first mini-kit you’ll want to add a few more to create an eclectic collection for display.  After you’ve strung up our mini-corkboard kits grab your hammer and try our popular stained wood string art kits.

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